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Emaye emerges as a locally crafted product in the heart of Portland, intricately linked with the esteemed Ethiopian establishment, Enat Kitchen. The narrative unfolds with the journey of a resilient single mother who, after migrating to the United States 14 years ago, brought to life what we now recognize as Enat Kitchen. However, this was merely the prelude to the present, as her sons, inspired by ancestral culinary wisdom, have meticulously refined and evolved these time-honored recipes. The culmination of this transformation is EMAYE, an exquisite Honey Mead wine that harmoniously complements the distinctive and delectable array of Ethiopian cuisine.

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Emaye Box At Your Door

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Our mission is to provide individuals with an exceptional encounter of Tej's unparalleled flavor and the rich tapestry of Ethiopian gastronomy, interwoven with its vibrant hues and cultural essence. Central to this mission is a renewed focus on EMAYE, directing attention towards the captivating world of our Honey Mead wine, while still celebrating the legacy of their mother's cherished restaurant.

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